Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I love how God works.  He amazes me daily, words cannot fully relay what He has done for me.  Today was an example of one of the millions of things He has done.  Completely restoring a friendship that through twists and turns of life's events that had gone by the wayside...but was so needed and so perfect that He restored it in HIS perfect timing.  I am so very thankful.

Something this friend said to me as we left our breakfast meeting (that turned into an almost 2 hour talk fest!) hit me, as it is something that has been on my heart for years and years...she was sharing an experience and said I just wonder how many other women have experienced this...but she hadn't shared her experience with many people.  This expeirence could not only help her in sharing but perhaps help another who is going through the same thing OR will go through it.

That is the state of our world today - we have so many women who don't share things that are on their hearts for so many different reasons.  I think a big one is fear of judgement (not saying this is true for my friend, but in general).  We are all so afraid that what we share whether it be good or bad will be judged by the person we are sharing it with and so we don't share.  This brings sadness to my heart.

We need to be uniting with the other women in our life - finding lifelong friends to share with - we can't do this alone and help from others is invaluable.

So thinking this, I have to wonder, am I making myself a friend to others - that they would want to share with me?  I pray that I am!

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