Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fall Already!

Can't believe it is already Fall!  Isn't this picture of a road we drive beautiful? 

I had so hoped to keep up with blogging, but alas life has taken place and time has gotten away from me.

I had started a blog post a few months ago just after school started but never got to finish it.  Summer seemed to be played out on Fast Forward.  We stayed so busy and it went by way to quickly.  With our trip to Haiti, Camp, VBS and life in general, it made for busy days and evenings.  We were so thankful when school started and things slowed down a bit!

I stepped into the Women's Ministry Director role at our church in June and am loving it.  My heart beats for helping women see and become all that God has created them to be so this is a perfect position for me. 

I also decided to lead a Life University study at our church for married women called Intimate Issues.  The class has been going fact we have a reputation around church, a good one but funny to say the least.  We are the women that meet in "THE ROOM". 

I continue to be thoroughly amazed that SEX (wow, yes I did put that in print!) in marriage is not discussed.  Satan has taken control of this area and as Christian wives we need to re-claim it for the ONE who created it!  It is supposed to be fun and enjoyable...the whole class (including me) are learning many things this semester!  Lives are being changed - God is at work!

Another journey I have been on since mid-August is losing weight!  I had lost about 35 pounds prior to that over a year but then it just stopped.  I was disheartened and frustrated and MAD!  It seemed no matter what I did, nothing happened.  I started noticing the weight loss journey of some great friends and started on the same program - Take Shape for Life using MediFast products.  Wow oh wow is all I can say.  As of today I have lost 32 pounds - yes that is correct 32 pounds since mid-August.  Never thought that would be possible.  It is the BEST and EASIEST weight loss experience I have ever had.  It is nutritionally sound and was created by a physician.  It promotes healthy eating and living.  My health has improved dramatically since being on program.  I will post pics of my journey soon!  I still have about 20 more pounds to lose and am actually excited about it and don't dread it!  I am in clothing sizes I haven't worn in over 17 years, amazing! 

I am just about a month and a half away from having a 17 and 14 year old...time is simply flying!  They are both such great kids - we have been blessed beyond measure with them in our lives.  The past month we have had 2 extra kiddos around as well helping another family.  Their little sister has been in and out of the hospital with a rare kidney disease so to help with some normalcy we have kept them with us for most of that time.  They were such a blessing to have in our home. 

I am thankful that the Fast Forward button has been taken off and we are just on Play - I would be ok with hitting the Pause button now and again to be hones!  But I am thankful for everyday I am given to be on this earth with my family and friends!  Happy Fall y'all!