Thursday, March 8, 2012

You Have to Start Somewhere!

God has laid blogging on my heart, not sure why - but He has so I am listening...well finally after probably a year of prodding. I created one for our family a while back but just never kept it up. Seemed there was always something else going on to devote my time too. But as of late I just can't get past the nagging whisper. I actually created the blog a week or so ago and have been staring at it since then.

So I will write - not for anyone but myself and God, sharing my thoughts and ponderings of what God lays on my heart.

Today as I was reading through my "Woman on a Mission...Becoming a courageous difference maker by God's design" study, a quote from a story sh0t straight out the book to me "When your passion is greater than your fear, you'll do anything!". So fitting after the conversation I had with my husband this morning about wondering what the next stage of my life will bring, finishing school, new career, etc. I fear going back to school thinking I won't be able to cut it at my age.

I feel like I have been searching for years for an answer of what I should be "doing" and finally came to the conclusion I need to set my sights on what I know for sure God's purposes are for me and that is to love him with all of my heart and make his name known.

I have also learned to be content in the season of life I am in, not wishing it away for the next season. Especially when my kids are still young - they are in their teens now and the time has flown - I want to cherish every single minute I still have with them while they are home.

Well I had to start somewhere so I guess this is a good first step!

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